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 Do I need a prescription?

We do not require you to provide us with a prescription. However, we highly recommend that you consult a physician or your family doctor before taking any medication you are not familiar with.

 Is your website secure?

Our website and ordering system use the latest and most advanced Secure Encryption Technology including PCI-DSS level 3 protocols. The information you enter is encrypted via 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) software. Our system is configured to protect your personal information against credit card fraud. Any information you provide us when ordering online is stored safely on our secured servers and is only used for the purpose of processing your order. 

 How long does it take for delivery?

We guarantee delivery of your order within 12-16 Business Days but our customers usually receive their orders within 7-10 business days. Once a package is shipped out, you will receive an email with the estimated time of arrival and you can expect the delivery to arrive not later than that date.

 Is generic medication FDA approved?

Both generic and brand name medications pass a series of tests during and after production. They are legally permitted and produced according to technological and sanitary standards. That is why they are approved by the local FDA within the countries they are produced in.

 Is it legal?

All medications available on our website come from legitimate and licensed pharmaceutical producers, so you can be sure that what you will receive is the same medication you would purchase at your local pharmacy. Laws for the importation of drugs for personal use are different for different countries, yet, contrary to the view of some people, it is NOT illegal for an individual to order medications from an internet pharmacy. US FDA regulations allow for the importation of personal medication required for a 3-month period. US residents are already importing medication from Canada, India and South America and US citizens travel to Mexico and Canada to purchase their drugs all the time. Americans are fed up with OVERPRICING OF MEDICATION at local pharmacies, and Congress is allowing them to buy drugs from other countries to combat this injustice.

 What is the difference between Generic and Brand name medications?

A brand medication is a patented medication and is produced in the life-time of its patent. Generic medications are manufactured and distributed without a brand name once the patent expires. A generic drug is a product that is produced in the same way as the brand name medicine and has all the same active ingredients as a copy of the brand. Copying a medication with expired patent implies no research or advertisement cost, therefore, a generic drug is much cheaper.

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